Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I forgot a title

So i woke up really early again and tossed and turned in bed for about an hour before actually doing anything. I faked sick at work today and got home at about 1.30pm. I really just didn't feel like working. Anyway, I'm getting kinda excited because i might be seeing my boyfriend this weekend. I haven't seen him since the 20th of december so it's been nearly a month. I can't wait. i just want to hold him in my arms and spend time with him. Our relationship has been pretty tame to this point as we haven't really done much. Probably due to a lack of opportunity and place. Anyways i'm really hoping that everything comes together and i'll see him and his sexy abs.

In other news we're back to the summer weather in brissie. The flies are out in full force and it is meant to be above 30 degrees celcius all week. I dont mind it now but if it gets up to above 35 i will not be happy. I kinda wish i had a pool right now.


  1. I know right.. Tell me about it. I wish I have a pool as well. I'm glad that I work full time so I'm in air-con during the hot weather!

  2. Hmmm..., Brisbane huh? I have some family over there, interesting.

    I take it by the "Lack of place" comment, that you are not out to your bro? Shame that..., but I guess "Out" is not for everybody. Not judging..., just saying.

    Hope you have fun with your fella...


  3. You're lucky! Feels like it's been winter forever in England. Had snow on the ground for weeks now.

  4. Aaww you and your boyfriend, how sweet, congrats, hope that reunion comes faster than expected and you two have a -safe- good time :)

    Can you spare a few degrees? I´m freezing my ass over here.

    Also hope you get to sleep better, maybe sleeping nude would help you cope with the weather and help me sleep better at night too, all at the same time :P



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