Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Sister

So this is my second recount of the past couple of (life changing) days

FRIDAY (evening)

So i got home from my epic day of epicness with phil. I kind of stuffed around for a bit but then my sister rang. we had a bit of a generic conversation. Talked about my life and the house she's buying and stuff. Then she asked me if everything was alright and if i needed to tell her anything. Now i know my mother mentioned something but i just didn't feel like telling her. So i said nothing was wrong and that was about it. Then about 5 minutes later my mother rang me, in tears. She said all this stuff like how the family is falling apart and i have to tell my sister and all this other stuff. Some of it was to do with me some of it was to do with my sister and older brother and my mums visit not long ago. So i got off the phone to my mum and rang my sister back. So i rang my sister back and just flat out told her i was gay (i might have been a bit blunt about it). She got a bit upset and asked mainly the same stuff my mum did. She cryed and took it worse than my mum so yeah. I got of the phone and my mum rang me back. She said i wasn't on the phone long and asked what i said, etc.

So it turns out my mother was having some problems with my sexuality. She was overly worried and thinking about stereotypes and what not. i assured her i have no interest in getting a piercing, or tattoo, or fashion. I dont want to dress in womens clothes and i'm not going to be prancing down the street. My mum doesn't think i'm effemanant (female) enough to be gay. She also asked me if i'd ever been with a girl. I said no. She asked me how i knew if i was gay if i've never been with a girl. This is when my brother came down to my room. I guess he knew something was happening and came to check on me. He walked in when i asked my mum if she'd ever been with a woman and how did she know she wasn't a lesbian. My brother asked if i was alright and if i wanted him to take the phone and talk to her. I said it was fine and kept talking to mum. Not long after i got off the phone to mum and had a great conversation with my brother. We talked about me coming out to my mum. And my gay friends and my sex life (to a certain extent). This was stuff we hadn't talked about before. I kinda explained the idea of tops and bottoms. He asked me if i was offende by the word faggot and said he'd try to remove it from his vocabulary. This conversation was happening while we were cooking dinner. So just as we finished getting dinner ready the phone rang again. I went to pick it up but my brother said he'd get it. We both knew it was my mum. So my brother answered the phone and suprise suprise it was my mum. My brother had this really long conversation with her and i didn't hear all of it but i heard some things my brother said and they were really great. He was so great and i think my mum understands a bit better now. After he got off the phone to my mum he called my sister. Now i know my sister was upset but i know that some of it was because of her boyfriends sister. Apparently she's a lesbian but my sister doesn't really think so. She thinks that she is making it harder for people like me to come out but yeah. So my brother talked to my sister and i think everything will be alright now. So that was pretty much friday for me.


  1. Hence why you think your brother is made of awesome. He really does sound pretty cool after that mate. I'm really glad you have him for those moments.


  2. Yep he does sound like a really cool guy to be around


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